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3 Tips to Land More Public Projects

3 Tips to Land More Public Projects

In order to procure public projects, construction firms have to develop effective bid packages, make valuable connections with agency decision makers, and ensure that they are abiding by the rules and restrictions set forth by the agency that is managing the project. Of course, time never stops, so firms need to successfully perform all of these previously mentioned tasks while scheduling and competing work on their active projects as well. 

In this brief article, construction industry advocates with Cotney Construction Lobbying will provide construction firms with a few general tips to help procure public projects. If you are looking for a powerful ally that can help your company land more projects with government agencies, speak with our consultants today. 

1) Develop a Strategy  

The first step to successfully working on public projects is to clearly define your objectives. In order to achieve the desired outcome you are hoping for, you will first have to closely assess your own businesses’ capabilities. The last thing you want to do is be overzealous and put yourself in a position where you are unable to deliver on the project you have procured because it was beyond your capabilities. 

Whether you are a sole owner of your business or there is a group of shareholders, it’s critical that you are able to honestly assess your abilities and then clearly define a reachable benchmark. Once you’ve developed this framework and all the key members of your company are on the same page, you can then focus on how to move forward and land public projects.    

2) Assess Your Options

Researching opportunities and weighing your options is one of the more difficult aspects of successfully applying for and landing public projects. There are plenty of government sites out there that you can visit to research specific projects. These websites also contain a wealth of information related to grant opportunities and eligibility requirements. 

When you are researching your procurement options, you need to consider ways you can make your bid more appealing to a selection committee. Fortunately, when you partner with an advocate from Cotney Construction Lobbying, they can provide you with both qualified leads on government projects and help navigate you through this process so that you attract the types of projects you want to work on. 

3) Stay One Step Ahead

Managing one project can be difficult enough, so successful construction firms that are working on a variety of projects at once have even more variables to consider. When working on a bid, it’s critical to pay close attention to all of the details involved in the package. Again, an experienced construction industry advocate can assist you with not only creating an attractive bid package but also ensuring that the submitted bid meets all the necessary requirements. 

Although the above three tips can help you land more public projects, there will always be obstacles in the way that can prolong or disrupt a project after it’s awarded to your firm. When you partner with a construction industry advocate, they can represent your best interests. This includes developing legislative proposals on your behalf or providing assistance procuring government contracts. To learn more about our services, speak with a consultant today.   

If you would like to speak with a construction industry advocate from Cotney Construction Lobbying, please contact us today.

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