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Cotney Construction PAC Created to Support the Industry

Cotney Construction PAC Created to Support the Industry

Tampa, FL, November 25, 2019 – Cotney Construction Lobbying is pleased to announce the formation of the Cotney Construction PAC, a Florida political action committee (PAC).  The purpose of the Cotney Construction PAC is to advocate for the construction industry by supporting candidates for Governor and the Florida Legislature that understand and appreciate the impact government regulation has on construction businesses.  The PAC will have in excess of $100,000 prior to the start of the Legislative session in January 2020, making it one of the largest construction PACs in the State of Florida.

“We have always supported the construction industry through our advocacy and charitable giving.  The Cotney Construction PAC allows us to take the next step in our support strategy to ensure that we are part of the process that affects how the industry does business in the State of Florida,” said Trent Cotney, founder and President of Cotney Construction Lobbying.  “Our goal is to ensure that we are affecting positive change in construction and the PAC allows us to further that goal.”  

About Cotney Construction Lobbying:  Cotney Construction Lobbying exclusively lobbies for the construction industry and uses the construction expertise of its lobbyists to educate members of Congress and the executive branch on construction issues.  To learn more about Cotney Construction Lobbying and its mission to advocate for the construction industry, go to www.constructionlobbying.com.

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