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How a Construction Lobbyist Educates Florida Lawmakers

How a Construction Lobbyist Educates Florida Lawmakers

Construction companies face obstacles unlike any in other industries. Widespread bankruptcy, injuries, and labor shortages are just some of the issues plaguing the industry. But while these issues may be obvious to contractors, they are just a drop in the bucket to Florida lawmakers who are overwhelmed with the needs of the state. 

Below, we discuss how our lobbyists educate Florida lawmakers on the needs of the construction industry. Although no easy task, it is possible to get through to lawmakers and enact real change. For a lobbyist who will champion your company’s cause, consult a construction industry advocate from Cotney Construction Lobbying. 

The Strength of Our Argument 

As he assumed the role of speaker of the House, Florida Representative Jose Oliva said, “Let our debate lean on the strength of our argument rather than the volume of our voice.” It’s important to remember that, no matter how much you may disagree with their decisions, lawmakers are not out to intentionally hurt your company. They are overwhelmed by a swell of differing opinions, some are based on facts while others aren’t, and are trying to make compromises that benefit everyone. 

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It’s not that lawmakers are unsympathetic to your plight. It’s that they either don’t fully understand your concern or aren’t aware that it exists. At Cotney Construction Lobbying, it’s our job to educate lawmakers and show them why policies that benefit the construction industry benefit society as a whole. We do this by presenting fact-based arguments and clear data to help lawmakers in their decisions. 

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Unfortunately, there is a constant revolving door of officials and legislators, and some lawmakers can remain committed to their opinions even when presented with factual information to the contrary. It’s not easy, but with time, lobbyists can persuade lawmakers into doing what is right for the industry. 

The Strength of Cotney Construction Lobbying

At Cotney Construction Lobbying, our team is comprised of professionals with backgrounds in construction, law, business, and politics. With years of experience in the industry, there is no better team to help build and present your argument to Florida lawmakers. For a construction lobbyist who can showcase your argument’s greatest strength, work with the professionals at Cotney Construction Lobbying. 

If you would like to speak with a construction industry advocate from Cotney Construction Lobbying, please contact us today.

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