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The Problem With Lobbying for a Single Goal

The Problem With Lobbying for a Single Goal

Overregulation. A skilled labor shortage. Rising material costs. These are just a few of the issues that may be keeping you up at night. Construction professionals looking to safeguard their interests often turn to a lobbyist to help them voice their concerns regarding a single issue. Your passion for your company and industry are truly admirable, but your efforts must be all-inclusive and address multiple issues, not just one, in order to be effective. 

In this article, we discuss the problem with lobbying for a single goal and how you can add your voice to a swell of industry professionals who want to see positive reform within the construction industry — reform that benefits the people and companies at the heart of it. If you’d like to add your voice to theirs, consult a construction industry advocate from Cotney Construction Lobbying. 

Butting Heads 

It’s often not until a single issue becomes overwhelming that industry professionals voice concerns to a lobbyist who, in turn, relays this information to legislators. Material costs are a common enough issue — let’s say you decide to bring this single issue to the attention of your legislators, although you have other issues impeding your business. By this time, your legislators will be taking arguments from other industries arguing for why rising material costs are necessary to sustain their businesses. When opinions collide like two rams butting heads, the final vote can go in any direction, and it’s not always in favor of the construction industry. 

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Build a Campaign 

As righteous as your cause may be, this form of lobbying is too reactionary to be effective. In order for your opinion on a single issue to be heard, you must build a campaign around all of your interests and add your voice to those of other industry professionals. As Investopedia argues: 

Any individual can have a cause, but with over 10,000 bills introduced to the U.S. Congress over every two-year session for an example, it is close to impossible for one voice to be heard, let alone actioned upon. Lobbyists can represent many voices, and in addition, their size and singular focus allow for research and fact-checking needed to bolster arguments.

At Cotney Construction Lobbying, we don’t simply argue a single point. We focus on educating and building relationships with legislators. It’s not until they understand a contractor’s perspectives and struggles that legislators will pass laws in favor of the construction industry and the professionals within it. 

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Lobbying isn’t just about applying pressure to lawmakers; it’s about being patient, building a presence, and presenting a number of pressing issues that can’t be ignored. Our diverse team of professionals will represent you with regard to any and all issues. Whether it’s protecting your company, workforce, or initiatives, we’ll be there. Give us a call and add your voice to a number of other industry professionals willing to fight for the future of our amazing industry. 

If you would like to speak with a construction industry advocate from Cotney Construction Lobbying, please contact us today.

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