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What Is Your Opinion of E-Verify?

What Is Your Opinion of E-Verify?

The construction industry relies significantly on immigrant employees. By one estimate, 25 percent of construction workers are immigrants. It is clear that these workers are an important part of the industry, providing much-needed support as construction companies continue to struggle with widespread labor shortages. While many construction professionals believe that sweeping immigration reform could be incredibly beneficial, Florida lawmakers continue to push for E-Verify, an expensive and flawed system that would do little for the industry. Below, we discuss E-Verify in Florida and what you can do to make your opinion known to Florida lawmakers. 

What Is E-Verify and Why Should I Be Worried? 

Essentially, E-Verify is an online database that would require business owners to confirm the immigration status of new employees. The goal of E-Verify is to crack down on illegal immigrants by making it impossible for them to secure employment. Employers would have to not only check the immigration status of each and every employee against this database but also pay as much as $60 per employee. Unfortunately, this system is as ineffective as it is expensive. For obvious reasons, illegal immigrants often use falsified documents and paperwork that fool systems like E-Verify. Regardless of your thoughts on immigration, legislation that punishes businesses and hard-working employees isn’t the way to go. 

What Are the Odds That This Comes to Florida? 

Despite the fact that E-Verify has been a failure in other states that have implemented it, Florida lawmakers refuse to let it die. As the Tampa Bay Times reports, E-Verify has been a talking point for nearly a decade with former Gov. Rick Scott and current Gov. Ron Desantis both having made it a priority. However, time and time again, local business owners have stepped up to voice their opinions and fight back against E-Verify. When E-Verify inevitably gets brought up again in Florida politics, will you let your opinion be known? 

Consult a Lobbyist From Cotney Construction Lobbying 

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